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That Odd Moment of Relief

Today I was supposed to do my first-ever live TV interview for “Embassy.” The news station — ABC 27, out of Harrisburg, PA — contacted me last week and invited me on. Of course I jumped at the chance. Who wouldn’t? It’d be the largest audience I’ve had to date, viewed by thousands around central PA.

Well, yesterday we were watching the show, and then the weather came on. What do you know? A giant snowstorm had suddenly formed over Canada and was making its way down through New York and would be here tomorrow morning. 5-8 inches of snow, heavy conditions. Harrisburg is 45 minutes from my house. If this storm happened, there was no way I’d be able to drive up there.

Just imagine how disheartening that is.

I sent the station an email to explain the situation. Thankfully, they agreed to postpone the interview a week. Now here’s the thing: if it didn’t snow too bad, I would be kicking myself for cancelling.

Then I woke up to this:


That’s a live view of my backyard, folks. It’s snowing pretty hard out there and it definitely wouldn’t be fun to drive 45 minutes There and Back Again.

You can imagine how relieved I am, that it actually snowed and wasn’t just a bloop flurry.

Sadly, it’s not packable  😦


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